Walking Dead’s Negan Joins Tekken 7 As Playable Fighter

The team behind Tekken 7 and Bandai Namco has unveiled their secret plan for the combating game’s second season material. The plan comes with an amazing improvement by making The Walking Dead’s Negan as the key figure of the game. This inclusion comes as a huge surprise to many people that know the origination of the game. The release of this announcement also came along with an accompanying snippet of the game.

Negan Joins Tekken 7

As the Evo 2018 tournament comes to an end, the announcers took a great opportunity to make their plans known. At Evo, Katsuhiro Harada the director of Tekken series was found in this amazing conference. Katsuhiro talked for sometime about the season 2 content and later unveiled the new game’s challenges. He continued by saying that Lei Wulong and Anna Williams may be expected to appear in the new game. Both names are among the list of six characters the franchised has promised to appear in the new game.

In the scene of chewing Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan has been found to play this role effectively. In the AMC’s The Walking Dead, Negan may be currently locked up. In Tekken 7, Negan will be given the opportunity to move around freely and fight. The first television appearance of Negan character was seen in the short trailer that Bandai Namco unveiled.

It also shows how Negan can easily intimate people and display some gleefulness. In the trailer, you will not find the complete characterization of Negan. Nevertheless, viewers can easily confirm the role Negan plays as Morgan. Gamers will find out whether Negan can be in physical combat with the King of the Iron Fist Tournament. For the Tekken series, Negan remained a left-oriented option.

In Tekken 7, gamers will be able to notice a plethora of oddball visitors and characters. From Fatal Fury and Street Fighter, you will see characters like Geese Howard and Akuma. Akuma and Geese Howard remains the guest and respected fighters of the new game. From Final Fantasy XV are some of the unconventional figures to find in the game. The game is known to be filled with trickery visitor figures from Mortal Kombat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger are also involved in the game as great fighting characters.

Why is the inclusion of Negan a bit strange in this game? The record of violence and brutality are the major factors that gave Negan a strange characterization. Negan often make use of the weapon called Lucille. With this weapon, Negan has been able to kill Walking Dead main characters such as Abraham and Glenn.

The results of the killing committed by Negan were highly graphical. Another great feature about Negan is his foul language often in the comics more than the TV show. To be compatible with cheesy Tekken series, Negan will have to be restructured. This is highly important when comparing this figure with the Mortal Kombat service.

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