Top 5 Games Like Witcher 3

Witcher 3: Wild-Hunt is an open-world and role-playing game having a wonderful story and events. The setting of this game is a mysterious fantasy universe with thrilling graphics, VFX which can be experienced using 144hz monitor, and its gameplay is ever so engaging and interesting.

The story starts as an adventure, where you play as a monster hunter whose main assignment is to find a child out of a prophecy. This game imparts a long-lasting effect on the user and urges him to try similar games like this. This game is one of a kind, and it’s not easy to find games like Witcher 3. In this article, we shall review some other similar games.

1. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

This game has similarities with Lord of the-Rings movie. Just like Witcher, the player is a one-man army. He is an Elf Lord in this game, and he tries to avenge the death of his family and friends.

He battles against the distinctive powers of Sauron, who killed his whole family that included his wife as well as his child. The game has a huge map and many side missions that make it ideal for the player. Just like Witcher 3, it gives the purpose to go through the story.

2. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

This game is most similar to Witcher 3 and is the latest edition to its legendary game series. This game has basically defined the RPG in recent 2 years. The producers of Witcher game admitted to having been inspired by Skyrim.

It’s an open-world game that features large maps and areas with which you can get entertained. It can be unfair to compare these two games, as Skyrim is about 8 years old and it is a benchmark for latest games in the same genre.

3. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is awarded as the game of the year of 2015. It is one among the best games developed by Bethesda Game-Studios and. It is also an open-world game and gives amusement to the player like in Witcher 3.

The story-driven and open world approach makes it a good choice for game lovers. After his wife was murdered and his child kidnapped, the Sole-Survivor sets out on a trip to locate his lost child. In the meanwhile, you have to finish different missions, and this makes you feel to be part of the story.

4. Kingdom-Come Deliverance

Kingdom-Come: Deliverance is a role-playing action game developed by Warhorse Studios. This game is similar to Witcher 3 in a way that it goes with a story and engages the player with a definite story and events. Henry is one among the survivors of 1403’s Bohemian wars.

He seeks justice for his killed family. He ends up plainly engaged with a push to reestablish Bohemia’s legitimate ruler to the position of royalty. This game will surely be liked by gamers who enjoyed the story of Witchcraft 3.

5. Dragon Age: Inquisition

This R.P.G game comes last on our list of games similar to Witchcraft 3. As with Witcher 3, the choices which you take in this game will influence the gameplay. There are four areas, and since its map is tremendous, you have the option for transitions between maps for fast traveling. To gain a rule in an area, you have to capture some forts, and this makes the game even more interesting.

Witcher 3 has given new directions to open world and story-driven games. The gamers now play this game with more intensity by engaging in the story. The great popularity of Witcher 3 has made gamers to check out other games similar to Witcher and try them out The five games mentioned above are the best match with Witcher 3, and they were popular games in their own time.

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