Top 5 DC Universe Movie Villains of All Time

You have to admit that when you are watching superhero movies, you always get fascinated with the villain, there is just something about them that excites you and you can’t wait to see what evil stunt they are going to do next. There has been a handful of superhero movies that came out in the last ten years, and about half of them comes from DC, a superhero universe that originated as a comic book series and now can be seen on full screen as one by one their superheroes hit the theaters.

Aside from the anticipation of seeing who the next superhero is going to get his or her own movie, we are also anticipating who will be the villain. There are numerous of them, but here are the top 5 DC movie villains of all time:

1.) The Joker

This villain is probably one of the most well-known superhero villain of all time. He is a psychopath who loves to torture and kill people, he does not even have any apparent reason, he just does it because he can.

He is completely mad and very unpredictable, and even though he makes innocent people suffer, you have to admit that he is clever, in fact, he is so clever that he is Batman’s no.1 enemy and they go head to head with how they can prevent the other from winning.

2.) Lex Luthor

He is also one of the most well-known superhero villain in the DC universe and he is known as Superman’s greatest foe. Although he shares an incredible amount of crazy, he isn’t as threatening as Joker when it comes to executing his psychopathic ways. Lex Luthor is money hungry and is a man of great wealth, he was a normal business tycoon before meeting his unfortunate demise during one of his experiments that made him loathe Superman. He has done the evilest things to spite Superman and put him in a tight spot, but if you think about it, he does have reasons behind it.

3.) Bane

For those who have watched the Batman Trilogy that starred Christian Bale, you will definitely agree when we say that Bane was represented in the movie in the most accurate and most detailed way. Much like Joker, who we all loved thanks to Heath Ledger’s performance, Bane captured the interest of the public because of his antics and heartless behavior. Kudos to Tom Hardy for being able to show Bane’s evil side while half of his face is covered.

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4.) Riddler

There is just something about Batman that draws psychopaths to him, and one of his archenemies is Riddler. He has a lot of gimmick in his sleeves which makes it difficult for Batman to get through and which makes it so fun for us to watch. Although he has such a limited representation on screen because people are drawn more to other villains like the Joker and Bane, it is in no doubt that he is one of the most fascinating and amusing villains to watch.

5.) Harley Quinn

So where do we start with this bombshell? She is incredibly charming that no matter how awful she gets, people just admire her. Labeled as the female Joker, Harley Quinn is the kind of villain that was influenced by the person that she looks up to and she does the things that she does in order to impress the Joker. What makes her a difficult enemy for Batman is that she knows how to play the “sexist” card and since she is a girl, Batman has put limits on what he can do to stop her, and we can only get what those limits are.

These villains were all once normal people before tragedy struck them and made them the way that they are now, that could be one of the reasons why we are in awe every time they throw in their antics. We may have a love-hate relationship with them, but we can’t deny that they bring life to the DC Universe.


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