Top 10 DC Universe Facts That You Don’t know

DC or the Detective Comics – yes, this is what DC stands for – Universe may be a fictional universe but the characters are very much part of our daily life. Hollywood has done a wonderful job of bringing the DC universe to life but this does not yet sate our craving to know more interesting stuff about it. So here are some of the interesting DC Universe facts that you may not already know.

1. President of USA: In DC universe, the owner of LexCorp – Lex Luthor – was the president of America in 2000. Whereas Lex refuses to believe that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person. Because, according to Lex, no one with such godly powers would want to live a life of anonymity like a normal human.

2. Green Lantern’s Lady Love: Sometime around the 70’s, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern were conceived to be lovers, but luckily this idea was soon dropped since it was considered against the legal policies of a company after they received a letter by their fan, suggesting the exact same thing.

3. Earth – 23: Somewhere in the Dc universe is a planet named Earth – 23, that is inhabited by the black versions of the current DC characters in America. However, it is also a must to know that these are the ONLY inhabitants of the planet; interestingly Superman is based on Barack Obama and Wonder Woman is based on Beyonce Knowles.
4. Spiciest Food in DC Universe: Green Arrow’s Chili is the spiciest food in the entire DC universe. Only Batman and Green Arrow can eat the Chili without crying with pain. However, some fans who have tried making it claim that the recipe does not turn out to be that spicy as mentioned in the comics.


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5. Vibe: You may find some very lame characters in DC universe from time to time, including Vibe, a break-dancer who would dance his way to justice. He used dance as a power to create super sound waves and fight evil until luckily DC realized their lameness and let him die after few episodes.


6. Danny the sentient transvestite: Here is a transvestite Danny in DCU who is known for attending drag shows all around the world, to show his love for people of LGBT communities. This is a bold step since DC has all sorts of fans and followers from around the world, some of which may not even approve the concept.


7. The abduction of John F. Kennedy: According to the cartoon and comic Teen Titans – The Lost Annual # 1, John F. Kennedy was not assassinated in DC universe. Instead, the Titans revealed that President Kennedy was abducted by aliens to help them fight a tyrannical extraterrestrial government and he is now in safer hands.



8. DC Universe Halloween: In 1997 issue of Superman’ series, Clark Kent and Louis Lane dressed up for a Halloween party. And guess what did could have dressed as? Well, Superman dressed as Batman and Louis dressed up as Robin, Batman’s sidekick for the party. If you are using ShowBox APK, you can directly read the comics and facts online.


9. Suprema, The Wonder Woman: Aside from Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman is the biggest DC character yet, however, her, the initial alias was not a strong point for her. The goddess super hero of the DC universe was named Suprema, for the lack of a better name. But it was soon changed to Wonder Woman because of Suprema’s resonance to Super Man.


10. The Not Last Son of Krypton: Superman is known as the last son of Krypton, but that is not true in DC universe. There are other survivors of Krypton that include Superman’s cousin, his dog, criminals from the phantom zone, the entire population of the city of Kandor and a monkey from Krypton, named Beppo.
DC is a big universe, also an even bigger idea, and these were some of the never-heard-before facts for you to know till you wait for the next DC comic and movie.

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