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Jan.4, 2013

Watch the Arkeg on ABC's Shark Tank

Gift a friend the Arkeg and you're effectively supplying the party.
From the front, it looks like a pretty standard two-player arcade cabinet. But on the left side, you'll find a beer tap
This arcade game-styled machine features a fully functioning kegerator in its belly, with room for a 5 gallon keg kept cool by a solid-state thermoelectric cooling system
Now one crafty creator has secured the perfect marriage by making an elite arcade cabinet that also doubles as an operational keg. Behold the Arkeg.
Part of the fun of playing video games in the arcade back in the day was watching the adults try to evade giant pickle slices, fried eggs, and hot dogs in Burgertime without spilling the beer perched precariously on the cabinet.
This is the Arkeg. It's an arcade cabinet. With a keg inside. The pinnacle of human endeavour, then? I say...yes. It's not some crazy mod; the Arkeg is a commercial product built to (presumably) a commercial quality, with temperature-control for the keg, external sound controls, a brushed aluminium finish, slide-out keyboard and even a trackball. A trackball!
Adult gamers will spend hours upon hours with the unique Arkeg that offers booze and games in one complete package!
We love things that multi-task.
You also get amazing speakers, custom aluminium panel, and a fully functioning beer dispenser or the kegerator. It keeps your beer and ale cold and fresh.
The Arkeg combines two necessities of life: beer and arcade games...
How did someone not think of this before now? After all, people have been drinking beer and playing games since the days of pop-tops and 'Pong.' Even if you can't afford the Arkeg, though, it doesn't mean you have to sit on the sidelines.
College students love to turn every game into a drinking game, now the company behind Arkeg has actually managed to make getting those drinks even easier for lazy gamers. It’s called the Arkeg and it’s pure bliss for drunks, gamers and anyone who just wants to say "how cool is this" to their friends.
You might be use to sitting in front of the gamming console with a large glass of beer ever wondered if your gaming machine could give you a continuous supply o beer. Arkeg is an arcade game-styled machine featuring a kegerator in its belly, with room for a 5 gallon keg kept cool by a solid-state thermoelectric cooling system .
Two of man's greatest inventions - videogames and beer - have finally been combined into one magical machine of happy making: an arcade cabinet / beer keg called the Arkeg.
It's a combination that surely could only come from the hand of God: beer and arcade games. No, this isn't a joke or a dream. Someone really has created this heavenly contraption.
Fully assembled Video Gaming/Beer Draft system...
No doubt one of the best ways to escape your current trials and tribulations in your day to day lives is to sit back and play a good video game. Another approach to the same mind relaxing goal can be had by means of alcohol. What if you put the two together?
The latest installment of the Arkeg Drink-n-Game is one glorious machine.
As well as a 5 gallon keg, the Drink N Game Arcade Cabinet has a PC inside...
The Arkeg combines a beer kegerator with a classic arcade gaming machine, which should lead to endless ours of nostalgic, drunken game play... Retro gaming has never looked cooler (pun intended).
From the "This would be perfect in my gameroom" department comes the cunningly named "Arkeg." Part arcade game, part keg, wholly awesome, this thing would make any man cave or geek pad proud.
The Arkeg has to be one of the greatest inventions of this, or just about any other, century.