Top 10 DC Universe Facts That You Don’t know

DC or the Detective Comics – yes, this is what DC stands for – Universe may be a fictional universe but the characters are very much part of our daily life. Hollywood has done a wonderful job of bringing the DC universe to life but this does not yet sate our craving to know more interesting stuff about it. So here are some of the interesting DC Universe facts that you may not already know.

1. President of USA: In DC universe, the owner of LexCorp – Lex Luthor – was the president of America in 2000. Whereas Lex refuses to believe that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person. Because, according to Lex, no one with such godly powers would want to live a life of anonymity like a normal human.

2. Green Lantern’s Lady Love: Sometime around the 70’s, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern were conceived to be lovers, but luckily this idea was soon dropped since it was considered against the legal policies of a company after they received a letter by their fan, suggesting the exact same thing.

3. Earth – 23: Somewhere in the Dc universe is a planet named Earth – 23, that is inhabited by the black versions of the current DC characters in America. However, it is also a must to know that these are the ONLY inhabitants of the planet; interestingly Superman is based on Barack Obama and Wonder Woman is based on Beyonce Knowles.
4. Spiciest Food in DC Universe: Green Arrow’s Chili is the spiciest food in the entire DC universe. Only Batman and Green Arrow can eat the Chili without crying with pain. However, some fans who have tried making it claim that the recipe does not turn out to be that spicy as mentioned in the comics.


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5. Vibe: You may find some very lame characters in DC universe from time to time, including Vibe, a break-dancer who would dance his way to justice. He used dance as a power to create super sound waves and fight evil until luckily DC realized their lameness and let him die after few episodes.


6. Danny the sentient transvestite: Here is a transvestite Danny in DCU who is known for attending drag shows all around the world, to show his love for people of LGBT communities. This is a bold step since DC has all sorts of fans and followers from around the world, some of which may not even approve the concept.


7. The abduction of John F. Kennedy: According to the cartoon and comic Teen Titans – The Lost Annual # 1, John F. Kennedy was not assassinated in DC universe. Instead, the Titans revealed that President Kennedy was abducted by aliens to help them fight a tyrannical extraterrestrial government and he is now in safer hands.



8. DC Universe Halloween: In 1997 issue of Superman’ series, Clark Kent and Louis Lane dressed up for a Halloween party. And guess what did could have dressed as? Well, Superman dressed as Batman and Louis dressed up as Robin, Batman’s sidekick for the party. If you are using ShowBox APK, you can directly read the comics and facts online.


9. Suprema, The Wonder Woman: Aside from Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman is the biggest DC character yet, however, her, the initial alias was not a strong point for her. The goddess super hero of the DC universe was named Suprema, for the lack of a better name. But it was soon changed to Wonder Woman because of Suprema’s resonance to Super Man.


10. The Not Last Son of Krypton: Superman is known as the last son of Krypton, but that is not true in DC universe. There are other survivors of Krypton that include Superman’s cousin, his dog, criminals from the phantom zone, the entire population of the city of Kandor and a monkey from Krypton, named Beppo.
DC is a big universe, also an even bigger idea, and these were some of the never-heard-before facts for you to know till you wait for the next DC comic and movie.
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Top 5 Games Like Witcher 3

Witcher 3: Wild-Hunt is an open-world and role-playing game having a wonderful story and events. The setting of this game is a mysterious fantasy universe with thrilling graphics, VFX which can be experienced using 144hz monitor, and its gameplay is ever so engaging and interesting.

The story starts as an adventure, where you play as a monster hunter whose main assignment is to find a child out of a prophecy. This game imparts a long-lasting effect on the user and urges him to try similar games like this. This game is one of a kind, and it’s not easy to find games like Witcher 3. In this article, we shall review some other similar games.

1. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

This game has similarities with Lord of the-Rings movie. Just like Witcher, the player is a one-man army. He is an Elf Lord in this game, and he tries to avenge the death of his family and friends.

He battles against the distinctive powers of Sauron, who killed his whole family that included his wife as well as his child. The game has a huge map and many side missions that make it ideal for the player. Just like Witcher 3, it gives the purpose to go through the story.

2. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

This game is most similar to Witcher 3 and is the latest edition to its legendary game series. This game has basically defined the RPG in recent 2 years. The producers of Witcher game admitted to having been inspired by Skyrim.

It’s an open-world game that features large maps and areas with which you can get entertained. It can be unfair to compare these two games, as Skyrim is about 8 years old and it is a benchmark for latest games in the same genre.

3. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is awarded as the game of the year of 2015. It is one among the best games developed by Bethesda Game-Studios and. It is also an open-world game and gives amusement to the player like in Witcher 3.

The story-driven and open world approach makes it a good choice for game lovers. After his wife was murdered and his child kidnapped, the Sole-Survivor sets out on a trip to locate his lost child. In the meanwhile, you have to finish different missions, and this makes you feel to be part of the story.

4. Kingdom-Come Deliverance

Kingdom-Come: Deliverance is a role-playing action game developed by Warhorse Studios. This game is similar to Witcher 3 in a way that it goes with a story and engages the player with a definite story and events. Henry is one among the survivors of 1403’s Bohemian wars.

He seeks justice for his killed family. He ends up plainly engaged with a push to reestablish Bohemia’s legitimate ruler to the position of royalty. This game will surely be liked by gamers who enjoyed the story of Witchcraft 3.

5. Dragon Age: Inquisition

This R.P.G game comes last on our list of games similar to Witchcraft 3. As with Witcher 3, the choices which you take in this game will influence the gameplay. There are four areas, and since its map is tremendous, you have the option for transitions between maps for fast traveling. To gain a rule in an area, you have to capture some forts, and this makes the game even more interesting.

Witcher 3 has given new directions to open world and story-driven games. The gamers now play this game with more intensity by engaging in the story. The great popularity of Witcher 3 has made gamers to check out other games similar to Witcher and try them out The five games mentioned above are the best match with Witcher 3, and they were popular games in their own time.

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Luke Cage Review: Netflix’s Latest Marvel Show

He was the superhero with whom Quentin Tarantino dreamed of making a movie. He was the superhero icon of blaxploitation (a cultural current in American cinema in the 1970s, putting African Americans first), benefiting from the title of the first African-American character to get his own comic series. He was the superhero who had made his way into Jessica Jones to the point of seeing the release of her advanced series, thus toasting her best friend Iron Fist. He is Luke Cage, and here is the criticism of his first season.

Luke Cage is a riskier series than Daredevil and Jessica Jones. The first is a superhero whose popularity is undeniable thanks to a foolproof charisma and memorable villains (not to mention the film with Ben Affleck that had introduced the character to the general public). The second had a great run of Brian Michael Bendis that allowed the latter to get two Eisner Awards. So much to say that the detective super-heroine was based on a more than solid material.

For his part, Luke Cage has rarely scored in his solo adventures. The character is never as bright as when he is related to other superheroes. For example with Iron Fist with whom he shares the poster series Power Man and Iron Fist and Heroes For Hire. Adventures that I have read almost nothing given their seniority. My only readings that involved Harlem’s superhero include Alias (Bendis’s series on Jessica Jones), New Avengers, and Thunderbolts. It is with enthusiasm that I embarked on this series based on a character of which I did not know much if not the outline from a Marvel encyclopedia.

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What strikes from the start on the first episodes is the very blaxploitation side of the series. You really have to look for whites in the series and it’s nice! The African-American culture is very prominent via many references. This is not necessarily innovative, because Netflix had released a similar series a few months ago with The Get Down, but it can mark a real break from Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Anyway, the first two episodes of the series are a gem in the heart of Harlem whether through the sets or characters. By the way, Pop (Frankie Faison from Banshee) is a superb character. He embodies this dreamy Harlem.

Subsequently, the series will drop a little in rhythm, as if it hesitated to accelerate not to grill all his script until the end of the season. A complaint that I would address especially in the thirteen episodes format of Netflix.

Except that Luke Cage brings an excellent twist that upsets the stakes and brings an exciting second part much superior to the first, because it leaves us spans already seen in the other Marvel series of Neflix. So it is the surprise that prevails in this second half of the season, thus making the thing even more exciting. Note also the intelligence of the story that brings points that can hurt an indestructible superhero. Especially on the political side, one of the few points where Luke Cage’s powers are useless. This political side represented by the character of Mariah Dillard (Alfre Woodard) allowed to exacerbate this feeling, so revulsive, of impotence.

There is also a police side via the character of Misty Knight (Simone Missick). With a tone sometimes close to The Wire (it’s especially blatant on an episode), the investigations of the inspector can thicken the police side of the series. A point also absent from other Marvel series. The care taken in writing makes the character of Misty really interesting because she is not without defects. And it is in her moments of weakness that she will be the most exciting. To note two excellent winks to his condition of super-heroine in the comics. Good news, the actress confirmed that she would come back for The Defenders.

In my humble opinion, Luke Cage does not reach the level of Daredevil which remains the best super-heroic series, but rises to that of Jessica Jones. However, the blaxploitation-rich series stands out enough from its super-heroic peers to bring its own cornerstone to the Netflix Marvel universe. Thus, everyone can have their own preferences and, obviously, viewing is essential.

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Top Five of DC Universe Movies available on Netflix.

DC Universe has brought some of America’s most iconic super-heroes, giving its fans some of the best thrilling, dramatic, action packed fiction movies of the 21st century. The superhero films are based on comic books by DC Comics. This are the top 5 DC Universe movies available on Netflix:

Suicide Squad

Director– David Ayer.
Cast– Will Smith, Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie.
Run time– 123 Min.

The movie takes place in a time when superman is dead and a U.S intelliegence officer: Amanda Waller, figuring they were expendables recruits a team of imprisoned super-villains to work for the government. They are to execute dangerous missions and save the world. The team comprises of Deadshot: the most wanted hit man in the world, Harley Quinn: Once the joker’s psychiatric but was turned to be his psycho girlfriend, El Diablo: a human torch and can produce flames, Croc: a crocodile-man, Captain Boomerang: can hurl boomerang. The team has to learn how to work together to save the world from an enchantress.

Justice League

Director- Zack Snyder
Cast- Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa.
Time- 120 Min.

Motivated by superman’s selfless act and death in the hands of doomsday, in addition with newly restored faith of humans Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince set out to recruits a team including; Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. The team is to save the earth from a catastrophic event.

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Wonder Woman

Director- Patty Jenkins.
Cast- Chrise Pine, Connie Nielsen, Roin Wright, Gal Gadot.
Time- 141 Min.

Wonder woman begins as a princess of the Amazons, she is a trained unconquerable warrior. She has been raised shelter in the paradise island but when an American pilot crashes into the island she becomes aware of the war in the world. She sets out of the island and into the world convinced she can help the war. Diana (Wonder Woman) fights alongside man a war to end all wars.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Director- Zack Snyder.
Cast- Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa.
Time- 151 Min.

After nearly two years since a great fight between superman and Zod, the fight destroyed the Metropolis leaving many angry. Batman feeling that Superman is a threat to humankind if left unchecked embarks on a personal vendetta to end superman. While at that a great threat arises (Lex Luther) putting mankind in danger when he plots against Batman.

Man of Steel

Director- Zack Snyder.
Cast- Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane.
Time- 143 Min.

A young boy (Superman) is sent to earth from another planet under imminent destruction. The boys spaceship lands on a farm and the owners of the farm raise the boy as their own son. The boys struggles to understand why he as sent to earth and has to learn how to use his powers. He adopts the persona “Superman” becoming a symbol of hope for humanity. He uses his power to save those in danger and the ones’s he loves.

This movies are a great watch, hey have rich background stories, powerful characters and filled with classic comic book characters and are potentially some of DC Universe’s best work yet.

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Top 5 DC Universe Movie Villains of All Time

You have to admit that when you are watching superhero movies, you always get fascinated with the villain, there is just something about them that excites you and you can’t wait to see what evil stunt they are going to do next. There has been a handful of superhero movies that came out in the last ten years, and about half of them comes from DC, a superhero universe that originated as a comic book series and now can be seen on full screen as one by one their superheroes hit the theaters.

Aside from the anticipation of seeing who the next superhero is going to get his or her own movie, we are also anticipating who will be the villain. There are numerous of them, but here are the top 5 DC movie villains of all time:

1.) The Joker

This villain is probably one of the most well-known superhero villain of all time. He is a psychopath who loves to torture and kill people, he does not even have any apparent reason, he just does it because he can.

He is completely mad and very unpredictable, and even though he makes innocent people suffer, you have to admit that he is clever, in fact, he is so clever that he is Batman’s no.1 enemy and they go head to head with how they can prevent the other from winning.

2.) Lex Luthor

He is also one of the most well-known superhero villain in the DC universe and he is known as Superman’s greatest foe. Although he shares an incredible amount of crazy, he isn’t as threatening as Joker when it comes to executing his psychopathic ways. Lex Luthor is money hungry and is a man of great wealth, he was a normal business tycoon before meeting his unfortunate demise during one of his experiments that made him loathe Superman. He has done the evilest things to spite Superman and put him in a tight spot, but if you think about it, he does have reasons behind it.

3.) Bane

For those who have watched the Batman Trilogy that starred Christian Bale, you will definitely agree when we say that Bane was represented in the movie in the most accurate and most detailed way. Much like Joker, who we all loved thanks to Heath Ledger’s performance, Bane captured the interest of the public because of his antics and heartless behavior. Kudos to Tom Hardy for being able to show Bane’s evil side while half of his face is covered.

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4.) Riddler

There is just something about Batman that draws psychopaths to him, and one of his archenemies is Riddler. He has a lot of gimmick in his sleeves which makes it difficult for Batman to get through and which makes it so fun for us to watch. Although he has such a limited representation on screen because people are drawn more to other villains like the Joker and Bane, it is in no doubt that he is one of the most fascinating and amusing villains to watch.

5.) Harley Quinn

So where do we start with this bombshell? She is incredibly charming that no matter how awful she gets, people just admire her. Labeled as the female Joker, Harley Quinn is the kind of villain that was influenced by the person that she looks up to and she does the things that she does in order to impress the Joker. What makes her a difficult enemy for Batman is that she knows how to play the “sexist” card and since she is a girl, Batman has put limits on what he can do to stop her, and we can only get what those limits are.

These villains were all once normal people before tragedy struck them and made them the way that they are now, that could be one of the reasons why we are in awe every time they throw in their antics. We may have a love-hate relationship with them, but we can’t deny that they bring life to the DC Universe.


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Top 5 DC Universe Movies of All Time

When it comes to production studios for movies, DC is one of the best brand names established. Compared to other brands, DC has most movies of the past that kept you glued to your screen. As a game header, it has
raised gifted stars who have delivered per their roles. Some of these reputable movie stars under this studio are Christoper Reeve, Zack Snyder, Joel Schumacher just to mention a few.

Amidst the road to success come hindrances. In spite of DC’s movies successes, there have been tail-dragging times. The banner of this production studio is ever robust. The best of all times superhero movies have been by this production and currently boasts of this position.


Time and space will not permit me to spell the beautiful scenes in this movie. This comic style by Nolan is one of the best ever produced by DC. Think of an evil knight and the craziest things he will do in his favor while inflicting pains to those who come his way. In the land of the brave, the one willing to do the craziest be attributed the bravest. There’s not a doubt that this title has appeared in the listing.


This movie casts the lights of Diana Prince, Chris Pine, and Gal Gadot. Playing best in their roles, Wonder Woman is one of the movies that portray the definition of relentlessness. Left alone to resist the external oppressors ready to smote, wonder woman fought her way to the zenith. Wonder Woman place DC one of the production studios with the best storylines to offer.


If you want to stun your eyes with the best action scenes, then this movie has that package. Zack Snyder takes the action to multiple diversities. If you have ever watched the DC’s Superman (unfortunately couldn’t be
enlisted), then this movie takes pecks of it higher. This movie isn’t about the graphics set in motion but Zack caused fascinating drives throughout his lead roles.

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Unfortunately, this movie’s progenitor lost its appearance here on the list. Comparing the actions present in the Superman II, it surpasses those portrayed in the Superman. Clark Kent proofs what it takes to
be a real hero and to that account, marginally overrode that on Superman.


Finally, we are here, the first on the list is the History of Violence that has gained already popularity over the auspices of the production house. Following the stunning directions by David Cronenberg, this movie is likened to a real natural situation rather than comic origin. If violence was a good ethic, then this movie has it best depicted. With the uneasiness of damping the pleasure in violence, the main character enjoyed
every act he showed.

That’s it, here ends the best 5 DC movies pick you to want to watch repeatedly. If you want to surge yourself in the act of playing a superhero, then these movies can be of guide.

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Common Things That You Should Know About an Arcade Game Machine

Think of it as an in-home iPod® for your video games that also serves up cold, frothy brew. We’ve included themost popular Arcade games from Midway®, Capcom®, and more for immediate plug-n-play readiness. Later, feel free to load up as many games as you like from discs, online, or even attach your classic console using readily available adapters.

True to our entertainment core, we think the greatest part of the Arkeg is challenging someone to a match or having a co-op battle. Check out the full games list on the left, and we’re sure you’ll relive more than one great memory of playing in an arcade with friends.

Wait, how many games?

We provide the support for all the classics so you can get up and running with the best games ever made. With the GameEx® menu, you have the ability to play any console or handheld (Nintendo®, Sega®, NeoGeo®, etc.), and ALL arcade games. It will also play computer games and Internet Flash games through WiFi or direct connection. Every Arkeg has the ability to hold and play over 15,000 games!

Are you OUT OF your MIND?

Is your caps lock on? Here, have a beer, calm down, and read the fine print. We only include games that we have the legal right to distribute, and that you have the legal right to play. Should you choose to transfer and upload all the old Genesis® cartridges hiding in your Mom’s attic, your new Arkeg will play them. Arkeg can fit them all, plus a few thousand songs off your iPod.


As much fun as it is blowing on your old Nintendo® cartridges, wouldn’t you rather have them all at your fingertips, with no load times? And just wait until you meet the Pause button, or the Save feature – imagine pausing arcade games or saving your game at ANY moment during play, for recall the next day, or right after you fall down that pit.

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