Common Things That You Should Know About an Arcade Game Machine

Think of it as an in-home iPod® for your video games that also serves up cold, frothy brew. We’ve included themost popular Arcade games from Midway®, Capcom®, and more for immediate plug-n-play readiness. Later, feel free to load up as many games as you like from discs, online, or even attach your classic console using readily available adapters.

True to our entertainment core, we think the greatest part of the Arkeg is challenging someone to a match or having a co-op battle. Check out the full games list on the left, and we’re sure you’ll relive more than one great memory of playing in an arcade with friends.

Wait, how many games?

We provide the support for all the classics so you can get up and running with the best games ever made. With the GameEx® menu, you have the ability to play any console or handheld (Nintendo®, Sega®, NeoGeo®, etc.), and ALL arcade games. It will also play computer games and Internet Flash games through WiFi or direct connection. Every Arkeg has the ability to hold and play over 15,000 games!

Are you OUT OF your MIND?

Is your caps lock on? Here, have a beer, calm down, and read the fine print. We only include games that we have the legal right to distribute, and that you have the legal right to play. Should you choose to transfer and upload all the old Genesis® cartridges hiding in your Mom’s attic, your new Arkeg will play them. Arkeg can fit them all, plus a few thousand songs off your iPod.


As much fun as it is blowing on your old Nintendo® cartridges, wouldn’t you rather have them all at your fingertips, with no load times? And just wait until you meet the Pause button, or the Save feature – imagine pausing arcade games or saving your game at ANY moment during play, for recall the next day, or right after you fall down that pit.

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