6 Common Reasons Why UK People Are Facing Water Problems

The water supply across UK has many contaminants and the prime organic causes of odor and contamination in water are sewage, agricultural pollution, radioactive substances, river dumping and more. These contaminants in water are causing water problem in UK today and people are encountering a variety of health complications which are dangerous and life threatening. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know and identify the causes of the water problems in UK. To prevents these health issues many people are relying greatly on UK Water Softeners. Below are some major reasons why people in UK are facing water problems these days.

water problems
UK Water Problems

Sewage or Waste Water

Water waste or sewage systems for industrial or domestic purposes are many in UK. In spite of stringent rules and regulatory control, the data in UK shows that sewage and water industry in UK has encountered a quarter of life threatening incidents in UK and there is no proper measures are taken yet to solve this issue. It causes odor in the water that is being supplied to homes in UK because of the bacteria that sit in drainage system and when the people turn the facets off for a period of time then the water supplied may carry the odor, causing water problem.

Agricultural Pollution

76% of the land area in UK is covered by agricultural industry. This is the industry that tends to spread uncontrolled amount of manure, slurries, tillage, disposals of sheep dip, use of pesticides, fertilizers and ploughing of land, all these things causes water pollution. Spills of milk in dairies also causes water problem in UK. This water pollution can be prevented till certain extent with the use of Water Softeners which is the only source to reduce the pollution level in drinking water.

Oil Pollution

It is estimated that every year in UK over 3000 oil pollution incidents occur. The spillage of oil affects the quality of water in varied ways and it also makes drinking water unsafe for people in UK. Industries release large amount of oil in seas and oceans which not only destroy the ecosystems and wildlife, but also reduce oxygen supplies within the water environment. This is one of the major causes of water problems in UK today. There are many reasons why oil pollution occurs today in UK.

Radioactive Substances

Another source of water contamination in UK is radioactive waste. A variety of radioactive substances are used today in medical, industrial, nuclear power plants and in other scientific fields. These substances can be found in luminous clocks, x-ray machines and other such devices. There are also natural radioisotopes that are released by organisms and also present in environment can also contaminate the water. If these substances are not disposed carefully, then it may cause serious water pollution accidents.

Marine Dumping

According to WWF huge amount of wastes are released into the sea every year and this is because of deliberate dumping of waste in the coastal waters. This pollutes the water and make it contaminated which is harmful for drinking at home.

River Dumping

Another major reason why people in UK are having water problems today is due to river dumping. There are many people who dump the garden cuttings, electronic waste and such products in river banks or in river. Despite being illegal many people do this and as a result it causes water pollution and harms the water animals and increase the risk of flooding. This dumping may also release harmful substances into water which is supplied to your house and to prevent such conditions you may make use of UK Water Softeners.

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