Walking Dead’s Negan Joins Tekken 7 As Playable Fighter

The team behind Tekken 7 and Bandai Namco has unveiled their secret plan for the combating game’s second season material. The plan comes with an amazing improvement by making The Walking Dead’s Negan as the key figure of the game. This inclusion comes as a huge surprise to many people that know the origination of the game. The release of this announcement also came along with an accompanying snippet of the game.

Negan Joins Tekken 7

As the Evo 2018 tournament comes to an end, the announcers took a great opportunity to make their plans known. At Evo, Katsuhiro Harada the director of Tekken series was found in this amazing conference. Katsuhiro talked for sometime about the season 2 content and later unveiled the new game’s challenges. He continued by saying that Lei Wulong and Anna Williams may be expected to appear in the new game. Both names are among the list of six characters the franchised has promised to appear in the new game.

In the scene of chewing Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan has been found to play this role effectively. In the AMC’s The Walking Dead, Negan may be currently locked up. In Tekken 7, Negan will be given the opportunity to move around freely and fight. The first television appearance of Negan character was seen in the short trailer that Bandai Namco unveiled.

It also shows how Negan can easily intimate people and display some gleefulness. In the trailer, you will not find the complete characterization of Negan. Nevertheless, viewers can easily confirm the role Negan plays as Morgan. Gamers will find out whether Negan can be in physical combat with the King of the Iron Fist Tournament. For the Tekken series, Negan remained a left-oriented option.

In Tekken 7, gamers will be able to notice a plethora of oddball visitors and characters. From Fatal Fury and Street Fighter, you will see characters like Geese Howard and Akuma. Akuma and Geese Howard remains the guest and respected fighters of the new game. From Final Fantasy XV are some of the unconventional figures to find in the game. The game is known to be filled with trickery visitor figures from Mortal Kombat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger are also involved in the game as great fighting characters.

Why is the inclusion of Negan a bit strange in this game? The record of violence and brutality are the major factors that gave Negan a strange characterization. Negan often make use of the weapon called Lucille. With this weapon, Negan has been able to kill Walking Dead main characters such as Abraham and Glenn.

The results of the killing committed by Negan were highly graphical. Another great feature about Negan is his foul language often in the comics more than the TV show. To be compatible with cheesy Tekken series, Negan will have to be restructured. This is highly important when comparing this figure with the Mortal Kombat service.

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Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Announced PSVR Release Date

The Astro Bot Rescue Mission announcement has been confirmed at the moment. Astro Bot which remains PS little flagship robot will be delving into PSVR. The official date for unleashing this classic game will be in October. This is a virtual reality game that will exclusively channel on the PSVR platform. The game will be coming with large bosses, twenty-six levels and a slightly of humor. It is recommended that players pay much attention in October while the game comes out with full force.

Nicolas Doucet, the producer and creative director of Sony Japan Studio confirmed the announcement from a PS blog. Astro can be controlled when playing in Rescue Mission. The Astro remains the leader of an aircraft trying to find the rest of the lost crew workers. In the new game, you will discover up to twenty-six levels. This means that the interface of the game will be taken to a new level or height. It will provide you three hundred and sixty degrees of virtual reality gameplay.

Are you a video game collector? The new game will definitely put a huge smile on your face. Players should expect to get both digital and physical release of the Astro Bot Rescue Mission game. While the pre-orders of the game are available now, it may not cost your above forty dollars. There will be additional incentives for people that are engaged in the pre-order stage of the game. This can be found in the likes of a digital edition of the game’s complete soundtrack, a dynamic theme, and 4 Astro Bot avatars.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission also comes with a thriller from PS. The gameplay of this thrilled is shared for players to see. The gameplay of this game will definitely make you wonder the extra services of the producers of the product. Players now have the opportunity to move their head in any direction when playing the Rescue Mission. This helps to establish the Astro platform for real players. In Rescue Mission, players will not just be pressing their playing buttons. With the help of the game’s control, it is possible to unlock gadget items on screen.

To attack your enemies in the game, there is every possibility to shoot shurikens. There is also the possibility of shooting into platforms, making Astro to progress and traverse the action. The first appearance of PSVR occurred around 2016. This happened to be a time when several other services unleashed their killer PSVR flagships. PSVR remains the most affordable virtual reality headset that you can find in the market.

To play the game that Astro Bot Rescue Mission will be releasing, it is essential to have a PSVR. On October 2, the game will be unleashed to work on PS4 in North American. For Europe, the release date will be October 3. The game without any doubt has tons of amazing features that you will enjoy. Players can constantly check the web for any update about the game.

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5 Best PS4 Single Player Story Games

It is fun and relaxing when you play games with your family members, friends or even coworkers. There are times when being lonely and playing games can be comforting. This is where PS4 single-player story games come into effect. These games come with deep, lengthy and rich stories that can help to edify your mind. PS4 is the cynosure and elegance of single player games with top-notch stories.

NieR – Automata

NieR Automata is a great game that depicts an intense view of AI. Like Detroit – Become Human, NieR is highly informational, narrative and concise to understand. The characters in this game are overlapping and the game also has several titles to help you understand the storyline.

Until Dawn

In this game, you will watch through the horrors of life. The reveals how some groups of teenagers were ostracized from the community without anyone knowing about it. While watching, you will see that the game turns and twists to several genres. Laughter, campy acting and other activities help to paint the full structure of the game.

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

It is about a Chinese room that was used to provide a walking sim in real-time. After a mysterious event in the game, people will have to journey through a forgotten English town. There are disconnected scenes in the game and it is important to be attentive when watching. The game is absorbing, dark and reflects a sombre environment. The soundtrack, script and acting remain one of the best you can find in the market.

The Invisible Hours

When it comes to storytelling, this game will help you discover the benefits of communication. In the game, issues dealing with death will gradually unfold before your eyes. The deadly scenarios took place in the famous Nikola Tesla’s property. Right inside the building, players will see from time to time popular faces and characters. This helps you to understand the full story of the game without any confusion.

Horizon – Zero Dawn

The storyline of Horizon Zero Dawn is about Aloy’s great adventure in life. It occurred in a post-apocalyptic period in America. If you have not played a game called the Guerilla’s open world saga, then you may want to get disturbed by this game. Nevertheless, it is a mixture of tribal and ultra-futuristic science stories in a modern and special way.
The game also helps you understand the shape and status of the current world that people live in. If you are looking to learn new things and get updated about the world, this is a great game to play.

The best part of a single player story game is that you will get engulfed in the process. It is educational, comprehensive and futuristic. People that like to be lonely when playing games will be lured by the excellent presentation of these stories. PS4 will always help you get access top loving single-player story games that worth your time and effort.  Try playing the games above and see how it affects your lifestyle.

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5 Best CO-OP Games Better Than Portal 2

The actual game to play has always been the nagging question that comes to mind when people play online. Do you know that video games come with tons of amazing benefits and features? Most amazingly, these games can be greater than hanging with a friend.

Whether you are huge fan of shooters, puzzles, RPG or survival, there is every possibility to share your opinion with people. CO-OP games are great as well and you will some amazing examples here.

Castle Crashers:

This is a great cross-platform game that can accommodate up to four players. If you are looking for an amazing co-op experience, then Castle Crashers remain a great choice. Players have the opportunity to select the type of character that can represent their presence. Once your character is chosen, you can go ahead into the amazing adventure.

Don’t Starve Together:

It is known that single shooter games are often difficult to play. With this game, you have enough supplies and food to satisfy the quest of a single player. People can have access to this game and play as much as possible. The game will help you to get exposed to tough seasons, horrible creatures and much more.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes:

There is a virtual reality support and PC assistance in this game. The indie puzzle bombing simulation is a great feature of this game. One of your colleagues can be the professional to resolve any puzzles while the other friend may play the position of the bomb diffuser. One amazing thing to know is that none of your friends will be able to discover their operations in this game. It will also provide you with the capability of resolving puzzles.

Left 4 Dead:

The great part of playing a co-op game is by forming a team to combat against zombies. Players can get a grenade launcher, pistols, chainsaw and other equipment to fight the battle. Gamers will have to continue to the next step until a result is achieved. Players can enjoy the use of several maps, near-death banter and items from the southern buildings to theme properties. There is also the entertainment of a rock concert in this game. To enjoy the best of the game, you can order for the bundle today.

Destiny 2:

With Destiny 2, you will get a plethora of co-op shootings. From difficult endgame encounters to brainless fun, the game remains one of the best to play. Apart from talking about loot box issues, you can clearly see that the game is amazing to play. There is a growing number of strikes, a gamut of playful side mission, a good Halo-esque campaign and two struggling 6-person raid tasks in this game. Destiny 2 is the epitome of a shooting game with all the required playing features. There is enough time for you to play the game and catch fun.

If you are looking for co-op games better than Portal 2, then simply explore the options above. You will be satisfied by playing these games.

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Top 5 Battle Royale Games Like Fortnite

Battle Royale Games are becoming highly popular at the moment. The truth is that Fortnite Battle Royale cannot be ignored when talking about the popularity of this genre. The extra gimmicks and compelling graphics make more people to like the Fortnite Battle Royale game. Nevertheless, there are some games on the internet that look like Fortnite in operation. Keep reading to see the top five Battle Royale games that are similar to Fortnite.

H1Z1 – King Of The Kill

The King Of The Kill or H1Z1 is an amazing game that looks similar to Fortnite. The structure of the game is almost like the Fortnite Battle Royale. Gamers that like lighter games or something a bit tough, then H1Z1 is a great choice. There are no attachment, fewer weapons and players lose their position in the H1Z1.

Paladins – Battlegrounds

Paladins Battlegrounds has a similar look and structure like Fortnite. Players that don’t care about the structure or look of characters will enjoy the Paladins Battlegrounds. The characters in the Paladins usually dress and appear like ancient military warriors unleashing certain magical powers.


PUBG is in every way a clear alternative to Fortnite Battle Royale. The survival instinct of PUBG makes the real substitute for people that want to play Fortnite. If you are simply bored of playing Fortnite and want a new platform, then go for PUBG. It comes with responsive controls and top-notch graphics design. The effectiveness of this game is beyond anticipation.

Last Man Standing

Just as the name implies, players will always be the last person in the game. Another thing about this game is that you will not have to spend a dime out of your pocket. As a free console, the Last Man Standing is listed among the best survival and combative games of this era. It will help you to learn new strategies in shooting and combating with the opponent.

The Culling

One of the best and most reliable similar games to Fortnite remains The Culling. The gameplay is from a first person perspective. While playing this game, you will need to kill opponents to survive until the battle is over. The game exposes players to using a gamut of weapons to achieve their goal. Even if you have to spend some bucks to play the game, you will be excited for taking that step.


The games on this list give you a clear view of how Fortnite Battle Royale operates. One thing that is common with the games is that all have the same Fortnite structure or format.

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