5 Best PS4 Single Player Story Games

It is fun and relaxing when you play games with your family members, friends or even coworkers. There are times when being lonely and playing games can be comforting. This is where PS4 single-player story games come into effect. These games come with deep, lengthy and rich stories that can help to edify your mind. PS4 is the cynosure and elegance of single player games with top-notch stories.

NieR – Automata

NieR Automata is a great game that depicts an intense view of AI. Like Detroit – Become Human, NieR is highly informational, narrative and concise to understand. The characters in this game are overlapping and the game also has several titles to help you understand the storyline.

Until Dawn

In this game, you will watch through the horrors of life. The reveals how some groups of teenagers were ostracized from the community without anyone knowing about it. While watching, you will see that the game turns and twists to several genres. Laughter, campy acting and other activities help to paint the full structure of the game.

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

It is about a Chinese room that was used to provide a walking sim in real-time. After a mysterious event in the game, people will have to journey through a forgotten English town. There are disconnected scenes in the game and it is important to be attentive when watching. The game is absorbing, dark and reflects a sombre environment. The soundtrack, script and acting remain one of the best you can find in the market.

The Invisible Hours

When it comes to storytelling, this game will help you discover the benefits of communication. In the game, issues dealing with death will gradually unfold before your eyes. The deadly scenarios took place in the famous Nikola Tesla’s property. Right inside the building, players will see from time to time popular faces and characters. This helps you to understand the full story of the game without any confusion.

Horizon – Zero Dawn

The storyline of Horizon Zero Dawn is about Aloy’s great adventure in life. It occurred in a post-apocalyptic period in America. If you have not played a game called the Guerilla’s open world saga, then you may want to get disturbed by this game. Nevertheless, it is a mixture of tribal and ultra-futuristic science stories in a modern and special way.
The game also helps you understand the shape and status of the current world that people live in. If you are looking to learn new things and get updated about the world, this is a great game to play.

The best part of a single player story game is that you will get engulfed in the process. It is educational, comprehensive and futuristic. People that like to be lonely when playing games will be lured by the excellent presentation of these stories. PS4 will always help you get access top loving single-player story games that worth your time and effort.  Try playing the games above and see how it affects your lifestyle.

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