5 Best CO-OP Games Better Than Portal 2

The actual game to play has always been the nagging question that comes to mind when people play online. Do you know that video games come with tons of amazing benefits and features? Most amazingly, these games can be greater than hanging with a friend.

Whether you are huge fan of shooters, puzzles, RPG or survival, there is every possibility to share your opinion with people. CO-OP games are great as well and you will some amazing examples here.

Castle Crashers:

This is a great cross-platform game that can accommodate up to four players. If you are looking for an amazing co-op experience, then Castle Crashers remain a great choice. Players have the opportunity to select the type of character that can represent their presence. Once your character is chosen, you can go ahead into the amazing adventure.

Don’t Starve Together:

It is known that single shooter games are often difficult to play. With this game, you have enough supplies and food to satisfy the quest of a single player. People can have access to this game and play as much as possible. The game will help you to get exposed to tough seasons, horrible creatures and much more.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes:

There is a virtual reality support and PC assistance in this game. The indie puzzle bombing simulation is a great feature of this game. One of your colleagues can be the professional to resolve any puzzles while the other friend may play the position of the bomb diffuser. One amazing thing to know is that none of your friends will be able to discover their operations in this game. It will also provide you with the capability of resolving puzzles.

Left 4 Dead:

The great part of playing a co-op game is by forming a team to combat against zombies. Players can get a grenade launcher, pistols, chainsaw and other equipment to fight the battle. Gamers will have to continue to the next step until a result is achieved. Players can enjoy the use of several maps, near-death banter and items from the southern buildings to theme properties. There is also the entertainment of a rock concert in this game. To enjoy the best of the game, you can order for the bundle today.

Destiny 2:

With Destiny 2, you will get a plethora of co-op shootings. From difficult endgame encounters to brainless fun, the game remains one of the best to play. Apart from talking about loot box issues, you can clearly see that the game is amazing to play. There is a growing number of strikes, a gamut of playful side mission, a good Halo-esque campaign and two struggling 6-person raid tasks in this game. Destiny 2 is the epitome of a shooting game with all the required playing features. There is enough time for you to play the game and catch fun.

If you are looking for co-op games better than Portal 2, then simply explore the options above. You will be satisfied by playing these games.

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